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  1. EnD says:


    Thoughts of self reflection, the outcome self-infliction.
    Thoughts, scattered in confusion. Was it real? A grand delusion!
    Thoughts of actions and reaction, that swept onwards to attraction.
    Thoughts of deeds both said and done, of regrets there is but one.
    Thoughts are easy, talking complex,
    It would have taken but a few secs.
    Thoughts of ways to amend, I trust this poem I’ve just penned.
    Thoughts at present, Way too plenty, With hindsight being 20/20. (Seeing is overrated)
    Thoughts I’m thinking, No regret! but Would you rather I forget?
    Thoughts that blur with reality, what alternative? Just insanity?
    Thoughts and questions overflow my mind. But in yours what will I find?
    Thoughts too deep or too carefree. When you read this think on me.

    Hey, PM me regarding Thoughts EnD to discuss. If not I understand.

    • Hey sorry it took me so long to reply, my notifications were on the blink and my app wasn’t working so I didn’t see it for ages.
      The poem is like a tornado of thoughts and unanswerable questions you can’t help getting swept up in. The repetition of the rhythm at the beginning and end of the lines flows really well and adds to the mental rollercoaster it conveys. I tried to PM you but your profile seems to be on private and won’t let me for some reason?

  2. EnD says:

    Hey, no problem I understand and thanks for the feedback. You can contact me at the following email address for a more in depth discussion if that suits.

  3. Tony Brady says:

    Natasha – Hello!

    Just to let you know that the 6 copies of Barbed Wire Cage that Marie T. passed to me are now on sale from my shelf – Tobias Books – Collage Collective, Nugent;s Entry, Enniskillen. I have bought 6 month’s space there. I have them catalogued @ £5.00. and all sales will be free of any overhead charges or fee. I love your collection and often dip into it. Warmest Regards. Tony Brady – Chair Fermanagh Writers.

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