Day two of demo recording and introducing Eamon Crudden! I complete the demo of A Long Way to Fall, mess around with Wander and generally waffle on for a bit.


I made the long trek by bus to my parent’s shed, where I have some fun rewriting Wander, recording Did’Ya, and failing to record A Long Way to Fall. The sound quality really is quite horrid on my webcam. I hope I can do for Land’s End what I did for Wander!

The third webisode in the making of Ctrl/Alt/Delete series focuses on rehearsals for upcoming demo recordings, and hitting a speed-bump when the tuning of a G-string wrecks the entire music for Land’s End.

This episode, or webisode, if you will, provides a bit more context to what the heck I’m trying to achieve with this project. I showcase a few poems from my previous release, Detonation Day, and play what I’ve got so far for Ctrl/Alt/Delete. I also test out the suitability of the music for The Woodcutter alongside the poem, and I have to admit I’m happy with the result. If you’re up for hearing some sneak previews of the new album, have a listen below!

During the making of my last project Detonation Day I filmed a video diary chronicling every step of the process. Unfortunately, I didn’t create the MP4s and upload them one by one, as I was planning on turning it into an hour-long documentary, and the majority of the files became corrupted.

This time around, I’ll be using a different technique, mainly from my webcam, of documenting the process of making my newest project. I’ll be uploading a video blog with updates on Ctrl/Alt/Delete, and I can’t wait to share all the moments and emotions the making of this punk-poetry book and album bring! Below is the introduction to the series, with a little spiel on the concept of this and my prior works. Check it out and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Yesterday marked the completion of the final draft of my second poetry book Ctrl/Alt/Delete and, while my printer was out of ink so I couldn’t complete the birthing process, the manuscript of my fourth project is ready!

A short time ago, I was ready to go with a forty-strong collection of poems under the title Ctrl/Alt/Delete and even had the cover designed and a proof copy printed. I was content to leave the book to one side to work on its accompanying album, and rest my poetry-writing on its laurels.

However, over time it became clear to me that Ctrl/Alt/Delete wasn’t finished with me quite yet. Ideas for new poems began to gestate in my brain, and eventually took form as pieces. One of these pieces in particular earned a lot of love as I performed it from place to place, and each of the pieces, I felt, embodied a certain part of the journey I’d undertaken since writing Barbed-Wire Cage. These pieces prompted me to take a step back from working on the album, and switch my focus back to the book. It was crucial that the poems not only interwove with each other to form a solid collection, but could stand alone as a solid, well-crafted piece. This, at present, was not the case. As a collection, it glued well together. Individually, as stand-alone pieces, a certain number of them sort of sucked. Perhaps that’s a little harsh. What I mean to say is that a minority of poems were not up to the gold standard of the majority, and I realised something which hadn’t occurred to me up to this point – not every poem I’ve written is fit for public consumption. So I uncovered the red pen of justice, and waged war upon the unholy mess that was my poetry book. And so, I can avow that my second poetry book is a volume of work I can truly be proud of.

But what of the album?

As you may know, I’ve been performing here and there at events, showcases and open mic nights (though not as often as I should), testing out new material for inclusion on the album.  Thus far, I have completed the demos of Did’Ya and Trigger Warning, the acoustic demo of A Long Way to Fall, and partially recorded the demos for Wander and Land’s End. Once I have completed the music for the final two, and written the short interlude for The Woodcutter, I will be halfway through the 12-track album.

The tracklist will be as follows (sequencing subject to change):

The Woodcutter

No Pressure

Rent Boy


Land's End


Trigger Warning

For You I Died, My Lover



A Long Way to Fall


Stand by for future updates!



It was a complete and utter honour to kick off the Circle Sessions showcase on Whelans main stage on Tuesday 2nd May 2017! I can’t even describe the buzz I felt performing as a feature at Whelans, which is something I’d long dreamed of, and finally got to tick off my bucket list. I performed Trigger Warning (for the first time!), A Long Way to Fall, Autopsy of a Dream, and spoken word pieces For You I Died, My Lover and Did’Ya. Once my set was finished, it was a delight to watch and listen to the other performers on the bill, an incredible line-up consisting of Seán McComish, Clare Brennan, Liam Oragh, Meg LaGrande, Tommy Keyes, Justin McCann, Joshua Dowling, Charlie McAuley and Bobby Burke. Huge thanks go to Circle Sessions committee members Róisín, Conor and David for organising the showcase and ensuring the night ran smoothly, and to Gary White for videoing the night. Here’s a deadly video he shot of my punk-poem Trigger Warning.

I was humbled and psyched to have been a part of this incredible night, and the buzz of playing main stage Whelans to a packed-out room is something I won’t soon forget!

(Video by Gary White, photos by Caroline Crudden)


The countdown  to one of my most important performances so far is on! Tomorrow night, as part of the third Circle Sessions showcase, I’ll be hitting Whelan’s main stage! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this. The spellbinding performance group/open mic night The Circle Sessions has had showcases in the Sugar Club and the Academy to show off the best of the best of the talent on offer, and I’m humbled to be a feature performer tomorrow night in Whelan’s! I’m on the bill alongside poets Clare Brennan and Bobby Burke and musicians Seán McComish, Meg LaGrande, Justin McCann, Liam Oragh, Tommy Keyes, Joshua Dowling and Charlie McAuley! Tickets are €10 at the link below or on the door, and you definitely won’t get a better array of talent for a tenner anywhere else! Drop in if you’re in the area, it’s going to be a magical night!


The amazing Circle Sessions got a well-deserved glowing feature in the Irish Independent, which I was delighted to be mentioned in, alongside fellow rhymer Josey Wales. Have a read of this witty and wonderful account of the journalist’s first experience performing at an open mic night, and her insightful interview with the Circle Sessions master of ceremonies and commander-in-chief, David Halpin!

CS Indo

On Easter Tuesday (April 18th) I was extremely privileged to take to the Whelan’s stage for the very first time in support of Liam Oragh’s album launch! It was a really cool night, and I got to perform two punk-poems and two spoken-word pieces to an awesomely receptive audience! Singer-songwriters Aoibhín (and her band) and Elly D brought down the house, and MC Jonny Tennant warmed us all up with ye olde English folk tune! Liam set the room alight with explosive performances from both his new album ‘The Arguments Against Insanity’ and his previous release ‘Only 2 Late if Ur Dead’- some nice use of flanger and overdrive! It was a killer night and an absolute pleasure and honour to be involved. My sister Caroline took some great snaps of my performance, which are below, and I’d love it if you could grab a copy of Liam’s wonderful new album at !