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I haven’t updated this lately because I’ve been working hard on the follow-up to Barbed-Wire Cage- my new punk-poetry EP Detonation Day.  I’ve been recording it in the Underground Studios in the Axis Ballymun and so far, I’ve gotten the guitar tracks for Dollhouse and Gatecrashing done.  I hope to get back in the studio over the next week or two.  The Ballad of Christopher Robin is up next to record, followed by Red Rover.  Both of those are 100% ready to record.  The only thing, there is a slight issue with Christopher Robin, which is, I can’t decide whether it sounds better on acoustic or electric guitar.  I love the boom-chicka freight-train rhythm of the acoustic version, but it also sounds good with the filthy distorted crunch of my Epiphone SG.  I first noticed the issue when I was playing a short set at A-Musing last Sunday night.  A-Musing is a an awesome night of poetry, music and comedy held on the last Sunday night of every month, and every Monday night, run by the hugely talented David Hynes.  There were so many gifted people performing and it was an honour to play the same bill as them.  I decided to play acoustic as it would take less set-up time, and it’s a no-mic situation, so I think for future performances, unless it’s specifically a plug-in onstage situation, I’ll be bringing my acoustic Frank along.  I performed The Ballad of Christopher Robin, Kaput and Chrysalis, and noticed how Frank produced a sound that could rival the dirty punk sound of the original version.  It may be a good idea to record both versions, and release both of them if I can’t decide.

A couple of Fridays ago, I also performed at an arts night called Friday Arts at No.5, run by the awesome Shirley Clark, though this time I performed without Frank.  I decided it was way too scary to consider performing my poems and play guitar at the same time.  I’ve since become a bit more ballsy about my performances- plus, playing guitar stops me from shoving my hands in my pockets and hiding in my hair.  I’m not exactly the most forthcoming person in social situations, but I’m still learning!  I’ve met so many amazing people at every event I’ve gone to lately, and I feel like a lot of them have helped me evolve as a performer even within the last couple of weeks 🙂

Here are a couple of shots from last Sunday night at A-Musings taken by my sister Caroline.  I’ll keep the site up to date with the stuff I get up to.  I’m doing a video documentary on the making of Detonation Day at the minute so I’ll try to get some of that produced and uploaded on here too.

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Twist/ Inverted

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Poems
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Twist/ Inverted

A flurry of bolts

Claret and gold

Ready to swoop for scattered seed

At the first break

in the rain

Tightroping the tipping point

of fatal



Rose Lanterns

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Poems
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Rose Lanterns

Elation pops

And strings fall apart.

But not today.

We craft your destiny

And make a mess of it-

Order flung to the sky

Tumbling feathers



The world has changed somehow.


Dead Weight

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Poems, Uncategorized
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Single-focus back-and-forth
Straight shots
hit home
But don’t deter you
for long.

Cannot soothe the scalding bile
I choke down
I am utile
A pocket shrink
Doling out counsel
For soggy marshmallows.

Static signals
Summon me
To cushion your crash-landing
But wanderlust betters me
Will not break your fall.


Posted: February 1, 2014 in Poems, Uncategorized

Clipped civility
Will not play me for a fool
Once your spy comes in from the cold

Short memory blocked the corporeal
Facebook blocked the rest

Shadowed in conspiracy
You skulk across the street
Playing games
You cannot win.

Voodoo Dolls


Build us a palace

And shatter the walls

Tile by tile.


Here we make history

Along the line-up

of shots in the dark

In sugar effervescence.



Reshuffling shards

of bathroom-mirror portraits

Unfinished symphonies

Of excess and greed

Aquaplaning alcopops

Drawn into our magnum opus

A night

Where anything can happen.


This is a brand new one, inspired by the fine art of creating the perfect night out, and dedicated to my girls (they know who they are 😉 )




On Peut Rêver

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Poems, Uncategorized
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I am tiptoeing

round the cracks

Dodging the facts

At every turn.

Never blind to your worth

Merely oblivious

But in time

Your cornflower eyes

Gold curls and taut biceps

Would enthral me

In a way I swore obsolete

Yet here I am.

Impartial to self-indulgence

I would not believe in your infatuation

Now I would beg for it.

The playful digs

And once, you hugged me

And I didn’t know how to react

Burst banks of Facebook pop-ups

Scarcely do I dare

believe these were more

Than cruel imagination

Feigning memory


on peut rêver.

The Woodcutter

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Poems, Uncategorized

Here is a new-ish short poem, written on Christmas Day. 


The Woodcutter 

Softly tread

Your soundless exit

Rouse me not

But leave candles burning

That when I wake

I might see the light.

The Burning Man


Lost in the heather

In the longest hour of the bloody moon.

Wicker crackles cinders

Of what we once were;

Charred remains of blinded love.


In the tangerine waves we drown

And there is no sacrifice

No custom-made charade

That can save us now.


Twig by twig we have built him up

from our mistakes

Our fear gan ainm

A force of habit

And now we watch him burn.


Tonight we are heathens

Tomorrow misleaders

And more fool us

for believing.





Behind bars of self-infliction

I force letters into words

that implode on impact.


In darkness I become an animal

Drifting in sub-oceanic paradise

You were king of the world

Now you’re king of the sea-

a miry skeleton.


I am anchored

My thoughts run aground

Off world’s end.

Port beckons through the mist

of a thousand lost dreams

Green marker guiding me home.