CTRL/ ALT DELETE video blog #15 – Parked

Posted: October 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

I haven’t updated my Ctrl/ Alt/ Delete video blog in a long time, as creatively, I had sort of hit a wall recently and was finding it difficult to get going again. However, this weekend, I locked myself up in my room and, away from the distractions of mischief and life in general, I applied myself to working on a piece for my poem Parked. It took me in a surprising direction, as I was convinced that Parked should have ska leanings, but I’m pleased with how it’s sounding thus far. Whether I add in further riffs to it remains to be seen for now, I’ll know more when I go to record a demo. I have also tightened up the rhythm of Trigger Warning. Excuse my poor guitar playing, I’m afraid I neglected to tune it, plus I was somewhat shaky and nervous about recording for the vlog after a long time off-camera!



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