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I’ve been writing the music for my next poetry and music collection Ctrl/Alt/Delete for a little while now, though work, house-hunting and life in general often gets in the way of major artistic projects like these. The collection has been going slowly- the book is written and ready to be unleashed, but the album has a long way to go. However, an approaching new week is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, and I am wreaking havoc, from tomorrow onwards, on Ctrl/Alt/Delete. The album won’t be exclusively punk-poetry- like Barbed-Wire Cage it will have more eclectic leanings- and will also incorporate acoustic, classical, ska and reggae vibes. Tonight I knuckled down and got serious- and here is the end product. It’s a rough, unplugged and grainy rendition of my first finished punk-poem from the new collection, a piece written on the subject of cuts to the Irish mental health programme. Introducing….A Long Way to Fall!



I’m truly delighted to have my short story ‘On the Third Day’ published alongside many awesome writers in the newest volume of A New Ulster magazine. ‘On the Third Day’ was written on cross-border tensions and violence, and if you do check it out, I hope you enjoy it.