Detonation Day EP Launch- 7/7/16

Posted: July 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

This may be the un-punkest statement I will ever commit to type, but last night was a fairytale, and I felt like a Disney princess! Last night was hands-down the best night of my life.

I was blessed and honoured to be joined by the wonderful Circle Sessions, and the night was hosted by the amazing Circle Sessions master of ceremonies David Halpin! The CS showcase was comprised of spoken word, music, rap and comedy acts. The full line-up: Shauna Byrne, Jeremiah Day, Aoife Carton, Indifference, Josey Wales, Luke Clerkin, Sarah Buckley, Daniel Wade, B-mused and Naoise O’Brien- and every one of them brought the house down. I have always been bowled over by the talent brimming from each and every Circle Sessions member, and along with the sense of appreciation, family and friendship I feel from the group, it’s why I will always love Circle Sessions, and why it was so important the group was a major part of the launch of my first professionally recorded EP.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it: anyone who was there on the night saw me drag my heels as the night wore on and my set came closer- I was so nervous, I almost didn’t want to do it. Despite the fact that I’d always wanted to play the incredible Grand Social stage, I was petrified. But when it came to the crunch, I did it. I performed Detonation Day start to finish, and even threw in Parked for good measure, and I truly felt, and hope, it was my best performance to date.

Friends, family and fellow writers and performers came from near and far to support me, and I cannot express how grateful and moved I am to have seen so many wonderful people there last night, and how appreciative I am of the journeys people undertook to get there. I still can’t believe we needed extra chairs for everyone who showed up! My family, in particular, went to great lengths to prepare a wonderful surprise for the night; my sister Caroline is an extraordinary baker, and made the wonderful Detonation Day tank cake you see in the pictures!

I’ll conclude by thanking everyone who came along last night to support- it was magical to see so many fantastic friends in the room last night- and to those who couldn’t make it, but sent lovely messages of encouragement. Thank you to David Halpin and the fantastic artists of the Circle Sessions, my creative brethren, and to everyone who picked up a copy of the EP or indeed, either of the books.  And of course, thank you to John and Simon at the Grand Social for helping keep the night running smoothly. You were all a part of making the Detonation Day EP Launch, featuring the Circle Sessions showcase, the best night of my life.



  1. Congratulations Natasha!

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