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Posted: May 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Was enough
To make me realise
This wasn’t something I was meant to hold on to
The next time
Would be too late
The night caught us
As we stared
Back into the reflecting pools
The storm had left behind
The moon was asleep
And the sky was awake
It was time to forget
Was enough
In a world of second chances.



Posted: May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

have I been
The wanderer.
I hang in equilibrium
Between hotel rooms
And double-deckers
On the road to nowhere.

The load I bear-
To hate what I do to do what I love.
And from time to time, my knees buckle
My feet stall and stumble
And I need the weight of your hand on mine.
When the small hours rouse me from my dreams
I feel your arms fold round my shoulders
And I am safe.

I buried my head in
My chemical breakdown
But you held me
Swore to me
The scars you embraced
Will be
the making of me yet.

Drowning out the static
Of the crash of the waves
And the sea’s chilling roar
We sketch out
Our story map of the city
Marking the ruins of memories
From decades long past.
Trawling the crack dens for still-frames
We could call our own
Here we are safe
We are wild
We are free.
Shall we be the wanderers
You and I-
We make our own luck.

Copyright Natasha Helen Crudden 2016

Things are picking up for the launch party!

Here are the details so far:

The launch is on Thursday July 7 at 8pm in the Loft in the Grand Social, Dublin 1.
Six acts have been confirmed so far for The Circle Sessions showcase so far- acts to follow as all ten should be confirmed soon.
Between sets one and two of The Circle Sessions showcase, a 30 minute open mic will run, with 10 three minute slots (first ten names out of the pint glass, as per CS).
Entry to the launch with a Circle Sessions wristband- €2 each.
Detonation Day physical EP- €5.
The Circle Sessions album will be on sale for €5.
Free sweets!

Check out the posters here- it’s starting to feel pretty real now!