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I’m honoured to have the newest addition to my punk-poetry back catalogue, The Ballad of Christopher Robin, published in its audio form in Bogman’s Cannon’s new e-thology Up The Rebels!, in commemoration of the Easter Rising of 1916 on its centenary.

The anthology features some truly electrifying poets and spoken word artists, as well as a print section featuring some more of the best rising writers Ireland has to offer. I’m proud and humbled to be included in this collection compiling some of the most revolutionary literary voices of our generation. Make sure to check out both the spoken-word and written word versions, and enjoy the rebellion!


I’m delighted to be finally able to present my favourite of all my poems, The Ballad of Christopher Robin! It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Damian Brady in Mother Universe Studios for my forthcoming EP Detonation Day 🙂

The poem was written about a friend for whom reality often became too much, and he would frequently retreat into a childlike make-believe world inside his head. As a result, he would miss out on many of the best parts of real life.

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

So it’s official- the launch of my punk-poetry EP Detonation Day is on July 7th in The Grand Social, Dublin! Stay tuned for further details- I have some exciting surprises planned for the night! I expect to have the final mixes of the tracks in the next week or so.