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It’s coming up to the end of October which is my favourite time of year (Halloween is my Christmas), and I’m still chipping away at Detonation Day.  I didn’t intend for this project to be unfinished by now- originally I thought I’d have it recorded in two weeks- I now realise that was unrealistic, unproductive, and just plain stupid. However, these past five months have taught me so much about music, writing, my own work and myself as an artist, performer and person that now when I look back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve been aided along the way by some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, had some of the best experiences and achieved things I never believed I could do.  I played Electric Picnic, and earlier in the week I fulfilled an ambition I’ve long had- to play Café Sessions.

Thursday night (22/10/15) I opened for the energetic and charismatic bluegrass dudes The Blood Red Mountain Band, thanks to the wonderful Joe Keenan (for booking me) and Pauline McDermott Smith (for the promotion), and there were a few hiccups on my part during the set, but all in all it was the best gig I have ever played- a full 20 minute set, plugged in, exclusively made up of Barbed-Wire Cage and Detonation Day.  The crowd were so receptive, and though I was nervous as hell, made me feel at ease by responding well to my awkward joking and fucking around.  It was such an incredible learning curve, as well as a massive confidence boost, and it was great to listen back to the recording I made to pick up on the bits I need to change and also to hear what worked well.

Also, this weekend, I’ve managed to make unprecedented progress on Detonation Day, and I am delighted to be able to say Static & The Ballad of Christopher Robin are both recorded, edited, produced and all wrapped up! There may be another project in the works so stay tuned, I’m not giving anything away on it just yet. I’m also expecting what I hope will be the final proof of Barbed-Wire Cage to arrive during the week, and over the next few days, I will be working away on finishing off Red Rover, before I move on to Dollhouse and Gatecrashing, and ultimately to Autopsy of a Dream.

Friday night, the night before Halloween, I will be performing at ‘Waking the Town Hall’, a 72-hour ‘wake’ for the Festival of the Dead, in Cavan town, as well as my weekly visit to the Circle Sessions tomorrow night, and a performance at Sunflower Sessions (the guest writer this month is the effervescent and haunting Raven).

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Parked- new poem

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Detonation Day photos

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Photos by Caroline Crudden taken in Berlin, Germany

A-Musing performance video

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Here’s a video of the A-Musing show I was part of back in June- a mind-blowing bunch of performers killing it! Check out A-Musing on the last Sunday of every month in Accents Café, and B-Mused in the International on Saturday afternoons!


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I’ve just finished working on the re-release of my debut poetry EP Barbed-Wire Cage, which all going well will be out later this month. Almost half of the material has been cut and replaced with brand-new tracks, and I’m delighted to introduce the track I’m most excited about- a collaboration between my friend, the amazingly talented pianist Rachael McCabe and I!

Drizzle was written for the poetry book Barbed-Wire Cage in 2013 as an epilogue to the poems Sub-Purgatory, Stanzas for a Lonely Saturday Night and Disappear (also known as the Midnight Trilogy), and I thought it would be a really awesome idea if Rachael wrote a piano composition to accompany it.  So we got together to create a fusion of poetry and piano, and here it is!