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Barbed-Wire Cage Launch!

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Barbed-Wire Cage poetry book and punk-poetry album launch in Blessings backyard, Cavan, followed by Independence Night open mic Slam!
Kick-off is at 9pm for the launch- a fusion of punk, poetry and acoustic spoken-word. Independence Night Slam is open to all performers- poets, musicians, actors etc- and entry is free so come and slam your artistic Declaration of Independence!
Plus, if you know any artistic performers who might be into the open mic kinda thing, pass it on!


Barbed-Wire Cage poetry book and accompanying punk-poetry album available now on Amazon, at the launch in early July (stay tuned for details) and will be available from local retailers pretty soon. 

Book (also available on Kindle)-

Album (also available in CD format or track-by-track)-

Check out the album preview here- Launch date is Friday 4th July at 8pm- no venue finalised but a few in mind in Cavan- so stay tuned- we’re having a poetry slam/open mic session for poets, musicians and other such performers so if you want in just come along and slam on the night (and if you want to help us out by bringing along bands and/or equipment that would be great too 😉 ). More details later!!

Barbed-Wire Cage album preview

Preview of my punk-poetry album Barbed-Wire Cage now on Spotify, including Gatecrashing, The D-Word and Given

Champagne Whispers

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the pyramids
Skyless days pass
And the night has no beat.
Silver screen stars
on the golden freeway
To rock & roll heaven
Two worlds collide
Impact overflow
Yet fizz subsides
in time.
Strings in overdrive
Loop insignia curves
On the solid, unwavering
Solemn black line-
your immortal affront
To convention
Habitual affection-
Displaced bondage
You cannot carry along with you.
Cast down the final ruby petal
It can last but another day
And forever
is your timeless

My debut album, a fusion of punk-poetry  and acoustic-spoken word and the audio companion to my poetry book, Barbed-Wire Cage is now available on Amazon on  CD and MP3 download (full album or track-by-track)!


MP3 download-


1- The Burning Man-

2- Dollhouse-

3- Atlantis in Technicolor-

4- Gatecrashing-

5- The D-Word-

6- Kaput-

7- Given-

8- Frank-

Double or Nothing

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Here’s my first promotional interview for the Barbed-Wire Cage poetry book and punk-poetry album, on Cavan TV by Green Room presenter Paul Cox.