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Suburban Legends

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I have made the first move
To draw you out of the dark
Into searing floodlight
Searing to the touch
if left on for too long.

Impulse gets the best of me
Impatience gets me nowhere
I rein in my recklessness
Before I do something
I will regret
I will forget
Too soon.

Candlelight tales of suburbia
Will serve me well
For now
Slow down
The rooftop whispers
As midnight pounds its beat upon the clock
We will be
Tomorrow’s legends
But tonight
We are the waiting.


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This is the last night on earth

As you know it.

Draw the shades to a close

On the psychedelic jungle-

on midnight’s expanse,

The oasis.


It’s a long road to the desert

From the pool shed of the Royal

And the last mile is the longest

The toughest

Dim the lights

This is your chance

to rewind

the symphonies of lost regrets


And don’t forget

she never let you down.


(For my best friend getting married tonight in the Nevada desert, and her husband-to-be)