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Below are a couple of shots from the shoot for the Barbed-Wire Cage album cover, courtesy of my amazing photographer Amy Brennan!

IMG_0073 IMG_0113 IMG_0093 IMG_0084 IMG_0081 IMG_0078


Red wire

Blue wire

Burning to the core

Of a circuit board overload

Generator juiced

By thirsty power outlets

A nation in the dark


We are the victims

Of their denial

The trip-switch villains

Of our own annihilation

Social inclusive


Find a niche to slot you into

Before the rot sets in

And gets a chance to breed

the fatal notion

That the fusebox is empty

Once the fuses blow out


Of which they strangle at conception

Stamp out in the dirt



A nation off the grid

Barbed-Wire Cage in paperback

The Barbed-Wire Cage paperback finally arrived- and it’s a real book with a real ISBN!
Here’s the copy with my guitar Frank!

Barbed-Wire Cage album demo!

A few little tweaks and the punk-poetry album Barbed-Wire Cage will be ready for mass consumption! I’m pleased to say that it’s been a very productive St Patrick’s Day 🙂

Barbed-Wire Cage album update

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Half an hour ago I finally finished the recording for the punk-poetry-acoustic-spoken word album Barbed-Wire Cage, which accompanies the poetry book.         The CD is far from finished, though- putting it together, mastering it and mixing it will be the fun part!
Stay tuned!

My debut poetry collection Barbed-Wire Cage is available in print on Amazon! It’s a collection of poems which, bound together under the covers of a book, creates a pretty raw and honest account of my 2013, with influences as diverse as T.S. Eliot and Billie Joe Armstrong, Edgar Allan Poe and Kurt Cobain.  To state I’m psyched for the copy to arrive would be the understatement of the week- it’s unreal to imagine holding the actual physical copy of a project I never dreamed would come this far. Barbed-Wire Cage isn’t complete just yet though- it’s the final weekend of recording for the Barbed-Wire Cage poetry album!

Anyway, here’s the link for my first book, now in print!!

Get a free download of my debut poetry collection Barbed-Wire Cage, featuring Frank, Gatecrashing, The Burning Man and Marker, on Amazon for Kindle all this week (ends Friday)!

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CailĂ­n Gan Ainm

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CailĂ­n Gan Ainm


Lone satellite

Spat out of orbit

Scraped off on the footpath

 Cailín gan ainm

Lost in the fog

The counter-moving cog

In the wirework

I am the factory reject

Never quite in line

I scuffed my party shoes

Jumping the fence

Sycophantic syllables

Grate in my ears

Nails bitten to the bone

On the hand that feeds

Do you know how it feels

To choke

on others’ happiness

Rammed down your throat?

Play me out

This is how it ends

Dancing to the song in my head

A factory reject



in line.

My debut poetry collection Barbed-Wire Cage’s second edition is out now on Kindle (follow the link below) and will shortly be beginning its first print run! Print copies will be available at the launch party, and on Amazon and from local retailers very very soon!