Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of being invited to perform on the Going Underground Sessions in the Underground Studios at the Axis Centre in Ballymun! I performed Trigger Warning, The Ballad of Christopher Robin and Wander and chatted about my work, my inspirations and my influences. Check it out below, and massive thanks to Mark Byrne and the gang at the Going Underground Sessions for the footage and for having me on the show!


Here’s a video of my poem ‘Wander’, taken from my performance at Liam Oragh’s Blog of the Dead Day of the Dead Showcase in the Workman’s Club, Dublin on Wednesday!

Thanks to Marc Murphy for the video and to Liam for inviting me to perform!

I haven’t updated my Ctrl/ Alt/ Delete video blog in a long time, as creatively, I had sort of hit a wall recently and was finding it difficult to get going again. However, this weekend, I locked myself up in my room and, away from the distractions of mischief and life in general, I applied myself to working on a piece for my poem Parked. It took me in a surprising direction, as I was convinced that Parked should have ska leanings, but I’m pleased with how it’s sounding thus far. Whether I add in further riffs to it remains to be seen for now, I’ll know more when I go to record a demo. I have also tightened up the rhythm of Trigger Warning. Excuse my poor guitar playing, I’m afraid I neglected to tune it, plus I was somewhat shaky and nervous about recording for the vlog after a long time off-camera!


Loving Dublin

Posted: September 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

From the wind-torn hilltop

I survey the south valley

All the way to the mountains


Salty air whole and uncut

by the screech of sirens or the wail of car alarms


This is where you’ll find me

When the trees blaze a fiery glow upon the sky

Or down among the rivers and roses

Or sprinting over grassbanks and woodland paths


Perchance you’ll find me lingering at Islandbridge

Idling upon the Liffey

Or on the trail of stags in Phoenix Park

Antlers bowed

I revere this majesty

And walk on, humbled

By how insignificant I am in it all


This is truly loving Dublin

Not the weekly pilgrimage to the latest

hipster – vegan – gluten-free – Prosecco – flavour of the month

This is real Dublin, pure Dublin

The Dublin that keeps on giving

It isn’t brunch with the girlos or cans with the lads

South-east of Dame Street

Where everyone knows

Droppin’ the ‘G’

Denotes hipness


Jets firing skyward

From stone-carved fountains

The scurry of squirrels

Up branches of chestnut trees

That huddle close

Shudder in the wind

and drop their conkers

Sleek mahogany born of hedgehog shells


The mirror-calm of the canal

Before it sweeps into the lock

And cascades into gushing falls

Then slows, shimmers and emerges as a still-frame

Further downstream


You’ll find me there

When the rush of the breeze

And the patter of raindrops on tangerine leaves

Drown out the city din

When the sky and the mountains

Unfurl to conceal

Neon signs that testify

To craft beer and doughnuts, burritos and haircuts

And frappe-latt-uccinos

Just the way you like ’em


This is where you’ll find me

This is where I’ll be.



A Long Way to Fall (audio)

Posted: August 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this message, as part of the Ctrl/Alt/Delete project. Do not adjust your set. Turn up your volume – it works best with headphones on – and press play for the very first taste of Natasha Helen Crudden’s forthcoming punk-poetry album and book.

Further update on Ctrl/Alt/Delete – here’s a video of me having fun making a racket!

Ctrl/Alt/Delete #9

Posted: July 12, 2017 in Uncategorized


In the spirit of the feast of the 4th of July, I had a go at doing a taste-test of popular American candy not widely available in Ireland, and sharing a new and unreleased poem called ‘I Didn’t Come Here to Listen to Your Shit’. Enjoy!

Webisode seven has no specific updates on the progression of the project, so here’s a bedtime story (which is now going to be a thing every Sunday night) and my favourite Rancid and Green Day songs, live from the Royal Hospital Kilmainham!

Four down, two to go for the first half of Ctrl/Alt/Delete! Shizzle is getting real now…I’m talking Wander and prepping to record the demo sometime soon, and still getting nowhere with Land’s End…